By Andrew Franklin

After all the leading, providing and excitement that we have experienced of the Lord since our initial meetings, last week was very difficult as it became apparent that a number of people were not prepared to allow us to operate effectively as a Church, so with great sadness it seems that we will have to leave the Chapel with our final service there scheduled for Sunday 30th May. We are praying for a new venue to open up, and we will let you know in due course where the Lord provides for us to meet.

With this in mind we had a very encouraging weekend. Rob and Elijah continued our Saturday outreach and had several meaningful conversations as they handed out tracts in Colchester Town Centre.

Then at our Sunday Worship Service we had a very blessed time. In terms of people, we had our 2nd highest congregation with several people coming for the first time. It was amazing to witness the joy on people’s face as they worshipped the Lord and enjoyed His Presence. Our Pastor Travis spoke on John 2, ‘When Jesus Manifests His Glory’ (Watch recording here.) He reminded us that Jesus is the only one that can bring joy and fulfilment to those who are empty and dry. A very comforting message in these dark days.

We look forward to seeing you again next Sunday, and if you have never been, please come and join us. We will be delighted to meet you and worship The Lord together.