We gather each Sunday at 4.00pm for a time of worship that includes singing, Scripture reading, and Bible preaching. Everyone is welcome.
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We gather each Tuesday at 7.30pm for an interactive Bible study where we read, discuss and apply a passage of Scripture. Everyone is welcome.
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We believe God's Word has the answers to all of life's big questions. Contact us if you'd like to meet up to explore the Christian faith or study God's Word.
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Impacting Lives Through the Gospel

Colchester Mission is all about impacting lives through the gospel. The gospel is the good news that Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again so that our sins could be forgiven and we could have eternal life with God.

Whether you have no faith or a different faith, we want the Colchester Mission to be a place to ask questions, to learn about Jesus, and to understand more of what God says to us in His Word, the Bible.


Mission Update 1/5/22

It has now been six weeks since our Pastor Travis and his family have been away and each week Pastor Derek Morlan of Oxford Baptist Church has blessed us with […]

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Mission Update 18/4/22

What a glorious time of the year Easter is as we remember the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and in many respects it is a time of new […]

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Good Friday & Easter Services

What is the purpose of Easter? Why is it such an important event to Christians? Find out more this weekend at the following services: Good Friday Service – 15th April […]

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