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Hello Friends,

This Sunday (30th June) please plan to join us for Small Groups at 10 AM and Morning Service at 11 AM! 

This week, we’ll be studying from 1 Samuel 4 about Losing the Ark of God. We’ll see the struggle between idols and God in our hearts!

As well, we’ll be having a time of testimony in the service. If you have a short testimony to share, please let Sam know.

Our big two for this week are: 
County: Torfaen 90,500
Country: Hungary 9.9 million (Catholic)

Join us as well for:
Bible study Tuesday 7:30 PM
Prayer meeting Wednesday 8 PM via Zoom
Outreach Tuesday 4:30 PM, Thursday 6 PM, and Saturday 8.30 AM

God bless! Sam

P.S. If you would like further information about any of the above then please do call us at the Church on (01206) 638558